Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kid's Triathlon

The day after hiking the Subway, the kids took part in a Kid's Triathlon. I don't know how Zach did it. I was a little sore, but he was fine! I guess that's one of the perks of being 8 years old (one of the only ones, according to him)! Unfortunately, it was even cold in Vegas and the pool was outdoors. The kids did great though, and were able to overcome the cold weather.

Here's Zach jumping in for the swim! BRRR!

Zach Swimming:

Zach gasping for breath :)

Here's Kaitlyn Jumping in - it looks like someone wanted to help her!

Kaitlyn swimming:

Kaitlyn resting on the way back down :)

After the swim, they had to hurry over and get on some warm clothes!
Here's Zach in his transition:

Kaitlyn in her transition:

This is Zach on his bike (he looks serious):

He's not so serious here:

When Kaitlyn was on her bike, she almost did 3 laps, instead of 2!
Luckily her mom was keeping track and chased her down
and brought her back to the transition area!

Zach and Kaitlyn were able to do this with their cousins Sydney and CJ.
All of them had a great time and were so tough to stick it out in the cold!
Here is each one coming in at the end:





This is one last shot of all of the kids together with their medals. Good job guys!

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Rawson Family said...

What awesome, and talented kids you have!

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