Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kid's Triathlon

The day after hiking the Subway, the kids took part in a Kid's Triathlon. I don't know how Zach did it. I was a little sore, but he was fine! I guess that's one of the perks of being 8 years old (one of the only ones, according to him)! Unfortunately, it was even cold in Vegas and the pool was outdoors. The kids did great though, and were able to overcome the cold weather.

Here's Zach jumping in for the swim! BRRR!

Zach Swimming:

Zach gasping for breath :)

Here's Kaitlyn Jumping in - it looks like someone wanted to help her!

Kaitlyn swimming:

Kaitlyn resting on the way back down :)

After the swim, they had to hurry over and get on some warm clothes!
Here's Zach in his transition:

Kaitlyn in her transition:

This is Zach on his bike (he looks serious):

He's not so serious here:

When Kaitlyn was on her bike, she almost did 3 laps, instead of 2!
Luckily her mom was keeping track and chased her down
and brought her back to the transition area!

Zach and Kaitlyn were able to do this with their cousins Sydney and CJ.
All of them had a great time and were so tough to stick it out in the cold!
Here is each one coming in at the end:





This is one last shot of all of the kids together with their medals. Good job guys!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hiking the Subway...

The day after school got out, we headed up to Zion's park to hike the Subway with some family and friends. We took Zach with us and he did amazing. It was his first major hike. My brother, Chad, had the pass so he invited the group. While it is usually starting to get pretty hot in June, on that particular day, June 5, 2009, it was a little cool. If you have ever hiked the Subway, you know that it's better to go when it's pretty warm.

Chad's good friend, Casey, came with his fancy camera and took some amazing shots. He was nice enough to edit all of them and here is a link to his blog:


He did a great job with them. I borrowed one here to show how many of us there were on the hike (with Casey too):


I do have a few shots that I took with my camera (not nearly as good)! This first one is of Ryan, Zach and I. We had not gotten wet yet, so we were still warm and dry :)

It had been a long time (around 5 years) since I had hiked the Subway. I could remember a few things, but unfortunately not everything. I also realized (after hiking in June) that my other experiences had been later in the Summer when it was a little hot outside and easy to dry off and warm up. Therefore, it didn't matter if clothing got a little wet. This hike was different. It was cold enough outside with the breeze that drying off took a long time. This made it really hard to get warm, also. After all of the water (freezing water, I might add), we only had one dry jacket. We gave it to Zach, who was NOT a fan of the cold water, to keep him warm. I have to admit that I was wishing I had been more careful packing the big ziplocs and long sleeve shirts. (I packed plenty of water, though)!

Here is Zach posing by some greenery in the bottom of the Subway:

This is Ryan, Zach, Me, Ulma, Chad, and two of Chad and Ulma's friends posing on a large rock:

This is Zach posing on some step rocks in the middle of the creek:

Here is Chad, Ulma and a few of their friends by the same rock steps:

Finally, here is Ryan, Zach and I by the rock steps:

After hiking down the river a while, we cam across some dinosaur tracks. Zach thought they were pretty fun:

After hiking along the river for a long time, we came to the side of the hill we had to hike up to the top. It's pretty steep and grueling right away and this is where Zach totally smoked his parents. I guess we didn't do enough stair-training to be ready for this part of the hike :) I was just glad to make it to the top and I had a great time! Thanks to everyone who accompanied us!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Day of School!!

Well, the last day of school definitely came fast this year. What a great time the kids had, though. I went in the last day and took a few shots of them with their class so they can remember some of their class mates, since I'm so mean and won't get them a yearbook yet? Who else got a yearbook in Elementary School? Not me!

Here is William and Caleb making one last project in William's class:

This is William's class. Ms. Bean and Mrs. Stephenson are the teachers sitting behind the class. It turned out to be pretty big by the end. When William started in October, there were only five or so and a bunch more joined the class throughout the year. Unfortunately, only some of them will move up with William next year to the afternoon class.

This is Kaitlyn with some of her friends from her class, and of course her brothers.
Morgan is on the left and Sarah is in the middle.

Here is Kaitlyn with Yanelli on the left and Paris on the right of her. Sarah is on the far right again! I think she made into every one of the pictures I took of Kaitlyn's class :)

Here is Zach with some of the kids from Miss Kuewa's third grade class. From left to right, it's Julia, Carson and Whitney that are sitting down and Dominique is posing in the front.

These are some kids from his class that he went to GATE with. They are, from left to right: Ashton, Jazell, Whitney, Carson, Zach, Jacob, and Brandon. He had a great year in Miss Kuewa's class and made a lot of good friends!

Good job in school this year! One more year down and a bunch more to go!

Some Favorite images Ryan shot...